Our Story

Zekayi Sozen, it all started with him: a hard working father with a technical background, who started his career with a shovel and over the years moved himself up to be a technician who is responsible for maintaining complex heavy duty machinery. Being a very strict father, his enthusiasm and will for self education motivated his children to study. His technical background and electronic side-projects on - literally - the kitchen table invited his children into the wonderful world of electronics and technology. At this moment he is active as a senior electromechanical engineer and head of the technical team within the company.

Murat Sozen – the founder of SOZENAUTOMATION – who was obsessed with electronics and technology during his education, graduated with honors in 2008. He started his first job as a rookie automation engineer. After a couple of years of experience and a lot of automation projects under his belt, he felt that the industry had an enormous need for experts that were specialized in system integration. Specialized from sensor level to high level ERP systems – and everything in between – they use agile software development techniques to quickly interact with clients and their systems.


In 2011 Murat found the opportunity to kick start his dream: SOZENAUTOMATION BVBA was born. He started as a consultant software engineer for Fabrelac - a food production factory - in Belgium, and quickly moved up to be the head of the technical department and key person for software development and technical implementations over the entire plant which had a yearly turnover of €50.000.000,00.

In the meanwhile Fabrelac was acquired by a huge concern – FrieslandCampina NV – at which Murat was appointed Key Person during the take-over.

Ali Ihsan Sozen – his brother – graduated as a Master of Science and joined the company in 2013 as an automation engineer.

Hasan Sozen – his brother – also joined the company as an automation engineer in 2015.

Ruben Verheyden joined the company in 2017 as a senior automation expert.

Pascal Habrant joined the company in 2019 as a the global sales manager, responsible for the sales development and growth of the company.

With customers located in Belgium, the Netherlands, Israel, Germany, Turkey, China, South Korea, … they build applications and develop software for customers all over the world. With their globally established partnerships and using remote support tools like Teamviewer and CitrixOnline they give their customers perfect assistance when needed.

SOZENAUTOMATION BV has the perfect team - already >17 highly skilled engineers strong - for all of your automation projects. This team does not just automate stuff as a job, they live it, continuously looking for ways to improve!


If you can dream it, they can do it!